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Stand Up Comedy In Estonia

Comedy Estonia is bringing the international art of Stand-up Comedy to Estonia, showcasing the best comedians from around Europe and encouraging new local talent.

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This month, you’ll only buy it for the articles

April 7, 2011

Louis and I are interviewed in this month’s issue of Playboy. We have a three-page spread starting on page 90.

If you squint really hard, it says "Stand-up Koomikud Eestis" at the bottom left

The magazine is available now from all R Kiosks that I didn’t already visit.

I Know We Say It Every Month

April 7, 2011

but seriously, The Drink Bar Comedy Night was off the hook. Ahmed Berhan tore the place down, he is so likeable and funny up there, the whole crowd was rolling with it.

Everyone did well, Eric ripped into the creep jokes, Daniel and Keiu both keep on getting better each time, Andrei made us laugh at Japan and Phil Schwarzmann looked like the owned the coffee table.

The extra special thing was last night ETV was there filming us too, so it was sort of odd to have a big camera in my face at the front on the stage but I couldnt ask for a better show for them to see. Drink Bar was packed and everyone was so cool and happy.

Heres a picture from last night taken by Drink Bar’s own Kädi Jürimäe.

Kädi Jürimäe.

Celebrate your stag party with Comedy Estonia!

April 4, 2011

I recently discovered a company in the UK that organizes stag parties across Europe for British men. One of their weekend packages caught my eye: it’s an exciting excursion to Tallinn which they have named Shooters and Hooters.

Read more…

Watch Nigel Williams

March 31, 2011

Englishman and long time Belgium resident Nigel Williams is going us as our headliner at Stand Up Comedy with Louis and Eric on April 20th.

Belgiums ‘No punches held, no holds barred’ comedian. If you like your comedy a bit rough around the edges ,you’re gonna love this guy. Nigels act is full of energy and healthy misanthropic rants, lots of improvisation and audience participation guaranteed. ‘Like a long distance sprint of laughs with no final destination’.

Tickets to see Nigel and Isak at Stand Up Comedy with Louis and Eric are on sale at Piletilevi and are only 10€

Know Your Comedian – Ahmed Berhan

March 30, 2011

Ahmed rocked us at Varblane and then we went out and had an all night party which involved us rolling straight into the hotel breakfast at 7am. True story. remember summer? Remember that? I didn’t think so.

Ahmed is back and this time he will take on the coffee table at Drink Baar. Questions, I know you have them, like a) he is a tall guy, will be hit the roof standing on that table? b) err actually that’s all the questions I can think of really.

Ahmed grew up in the poorer suburbs of Stockholm (if such a thing exists) and brings a really unique perspective on growing up as an outsider in the nicest place on earth. He has just got back from LA where he hung out, met famous people and did loads of Stand Up. I for one can’t wait to hear the stories.

See Ahmed at Drink Baar on the 6th of April at 20:00. Tickets are 5€ and you can get them over the counter at Drink or at the door.

This Month At Stand Up Comedy with Louis and Eric – Isak Jansson

March 29, 2011

This month at Stand Up Comedy with Louis and Eric we are really happy to have one of our most loved comedians back, Isak Jansson. He performed some very early shows for us last year and his set has gone down in history. I know of several people coming to Tallinn specifically to see him at this show and there are more than a few who remember how I totally broke down in tears  one night.

Check out this video from Isak in Estonia, he is brilliant and a comedian who is definitely “in the moment with the audience. We are all very excited to have Isak back.

Tickets to see Isak and Nigel Williams at Stand Up Comedy with Louis and Eric are on sale at Piletilevi and are only 10€

4 awful music videos that VH1 plays (unironically) all the time

March 28, 2011

VH1 is like MTV’s younger, uglier, dumber, and less socially-capable brother – it follows MTV wherever it goes and tries to impress it by imitating it with an awkward level of enthusiasm that makes the entire spectacle uncomfortable for everyone. Read more…

A Year Of Drink Bar Posters

March 27, 2011

April is a big time of celebration for us, one year of Comedy Estonia!

We have had some classic posters in that year and we put them together into a album on our new Facebook page

Check out the album Drink Bar Comedy Night Posters

If you aren’t already a fan of our new Facebook page, do sign up before April 4th to win tickets to any show in April!

Drink Bar Comedy Night Posters

Comedy Estonia Podcast

March 24, 2011

We wanted to a way to give you more of your favourite comedians who visit Estonia each month so we started the Comedy Estonia Podcast. Each month I will sit down with the comedians and talk to them for about 30 mins about their comedy, what Estonia as like and anything else which comes up.

You can listen to a podcast via iTunes, another podcast app or just download the MP3 file.

All the information is on our Podcast page and the first episode is with DJ Danny. Stay tuned for the next interview I have with Andre Wickström next week.

Become Our Fan On Facebook, Win Tickets

March 23, 2011

Comedy Estonia is celebrating our one year anniversary in April and we are moving to a new Facebook Page to help get the word out about our shows. Before we had a Facebook Group but they are very old school now.

So please go and become a fan of the new Comedy Estonia page at

The best part is you can WIN TICKETS by becoming a fan! On April 4th we will select 5 fans at random to win a double pass to ANY SHOW IN APRIL. That’s right, which ever show you like?  Even Möku. It is up to you.

So become a fan and you might get some free tickets!

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